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Sheffield Locksmiths

Co-owners Chris, Rich & Kevin Hanson have given me access to SheffLOCK, a locksmith business in Sheffield if you didn't already know.
SheffLOCK are a family company in Sheffield providing locksmith services to South Yorkshire as they must reckon Sheffield isn't big enough on its own to make a living. It does make sense though when you consider Rich lives in Barnsley & Chris is in Rotherham. They were once police officers and burglary prevention is their knowledgeable selling point.
As Sheffield Locksmiths they offer Police and Insurance approved locks, proven to reduce crime. These products include Anti snap locks, security handles and laminated glass from personal experience of over 40 years of front line policing.

If you are looking for a locksmith in Sheffield then SheffLOCK are highly rated on Google reviews. They aim to be on site within 45 minutes of any emergency call being made for UPVC door repairs and security door handles

The new type locks are cost effective to protect your home without the need for expensive gadgets. Criminals favour Lock snapping, Sneaking in and Glass smashing. SheffLOCK can provide advice to make cost effective choices to fit master locksmith association approved security locks, doors or windows that meet your needs and budget.


In South Yorkshire, around 40 burglaries occur during the day, when people are working or shopping. If you are the victim of a break-in at your property you can rely on the Sheffield Locksmiths to provide unrivalled service from start to finish, no matter what time of day or night.
All three have been fully vetted (CRB/DBS checked) and accredited to a high standard (City&Guilds) ensuring a quality repair using the best High Security (Police and Insurance Industry approved) products available on the market. SheffLOCK, will repair and replace all damaged parts and if glass has been broken we offer a quick and efficient Boarding Up Service. We also provide our customers with replacement Double Glazed Units if required.

A burglary is one of the worst crimes any family can face and our SheffLOCK Team of Ex-Police Officers can provide you with a honest and sympathetic Full Security Check on your property. Our advice and knowledge regarding criminal activity spans over 40 years so you can be confident we know what we are talking about. We are not pushy Salesmen who do not care about you and your family. We just provide practical, low cost, high security solutions to suit each circumstance we come across.

Ultion keys

Ultion keys are thicker and stronger than most and are not magnetic so metal scrapings are not carried into the cylinder. As standard, Ultion locks come with a 10 year £1000 guarantee that covers you in the event of lock snapping. Genuine Ultion keys have 11 cuts on each side giving a total of 22 cuts creating 294,000 key combinations so there is no need to create extra deep key dimples for debris to accumulate.

Ultion WXM keys

Ultion WXM keys are 30% thicker than the previous ultion keys and up to 60% thicker than standard TS007 3 star approved keys wth up to 800,000 turns recorded to better the standards required.
These Ultion WXM keys can only be cut at Genuine Ultion key centres to validate the warranty.

Barnsley Locksmith

Barnsley is in the upper area of South Yorkshire and close to the M1 motorway for good access to the townships. Locksmith Barnsley The main burglary prevention measures for Barnsley residents are good quality anti snap locks with regular maintained doors and windows.

Chesterfield Locksmith

Chesterfield is just below South yorkshire in Derbyshire but a close town for locksmith services.
Locksmith Chesterfield is a 24 hour emergency locksmith service for being locked out or emergency boarding up..

Doncaster Locksmith

Doncaster is in the North East of South Yorkshire with links to the A1M and M1 motorway as well as the regional airport.
Locksmith Doncaster can repair upvc doors and windows or garage door locks.



Football Trophies

You can find Football Trophies for every member of the team including ball trophies, boot & ball trophies, man of the match trophies, player trophies, goalkeeper trophies, manager & coach awards.

All these football trophies come in a range of sizes and colours to suit small budgets and special awards. The resin football trophies can have a personalised engraving plate or printed badge with ideas of how to present your football club logo on each football trophy.

Manager & Coach Awards - resin figures for football managers and coaches
Boot & Ball Trophies - resin football boot and football awards for players
Ball Trophies - resin and crystal football awards for players
Football Boot Trophies - resin football boot awards for players
Man of the Match Trophies - resin football awards for players
Player Trophies - resin football awards for players
Goalkeeper Trophies - resin football awards for goalkeepers
Men's Football Trophies - resin men's football trophies for top players
Women's Football Trophies - resin football awards for women players
Boys Football Trophies - resin football awards for boys
Girls Football Trophies - resin football awards for girls
Football Shirt Trophies - resin gold and silver trophies with club badge and name plate
Football Cups - metal and crystal football cups for players and teams
Football Figures - resin football figures for teams and players
Football Medals - metal football medals with a range of coloured ribbons and cases
Football Crystal - special awards for your top football players

Sports Trophies

Sports trophies and awards from around the World including custom medals, cups, figures and a range of glass and crystal awards to suit any occasion..



Golf Trophies

Sheffield Golf Trophies provide a dedicated online Golf Trophy website based in Sheffield.
Over the last decade of sourcing the finest golf awards we have come across the most dazzling examples in sterling silver, radiant crystal & mirror finish pewter

We are here to help you select the right awards to give the perfect impression of leadership and organisation.

Our beautiful golf medals and golf prizes are set out for you to easily match to your golfing event with flexible options for you to personalise them with engraving on metal, crystal and glass along with full colour printing on medal cases, medals and glass.

From the highest quality golfing trophies to great value nickel golf cups and glass golf awards we have a plethora of experience coupled with the largest range of golf trophies available on the planet.

Our golf awards section contains glass golf plaques, wood golfing shields, engraved crystal drinkware, salvers and presentation clocks for off the green awards for those who make the game so special Community Site where experts (users like you!) are available to aid with any query you may have.

Marathon Medals

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